• Reduce the time it takes to credential a Practitioner
  • Data validation
  • Paperless applications
  • Post verifications with OCR
  • Electronically communicate with NPDB and ABMS
  • Easily create and generate reports
  • Automate verifications using Weblinks
  • Mass update (credentialing approval with dates, license & insurance dates, area codes, other items)
  • Allow for reference letters to be automatically supplied over the Internet

Contact Us

  • Phone: (800) 776-2305
  • Fax: (913) 677-0185

Online Training

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Wednesday, August 26th:

  • 10 AM (CT) - LEMM (License Expiration Monitoring Module)
  • 3 PM (CT) - LEMM (License Expiration Monitoring Module)

For more information or to register, please contact Bryan Robbins at (800) 776-2305 x4025.